Manifest destiny contextualization

As we explore different events, people, and concepts, we learn that history is not merely a bunch of things to remember, but affects or has affected us today in modern society. We will be learning skills through the use of historical interpretation, comparison, causation, and contextualization.

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May 13, 2020 · Polk and others saw the acquisition of Texas, California, Oregon, and other territories as part of the nation’s Manifest Destiny to spread democracy over the continent. The U.S. also tried to buy Texas and what was called “Mexican California” from Mexico, which was seen as an insult by Mexico, before war broke out.

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The Americans were strong believers and supporters of Manifest Destiny Idea. This was the Idea that God had destined the expansion the Unites States as well as the spread of democracy in the nation and outside the borders. This, therefore, motivated the wars that led to the seizure of Mexican territories. They viewed the acts as morally right.

2._causation_analyzing_evidence_and_interpreting_documents_…gilded_age_immigration.pdf: File Size: 938 kb: File Type: pdf Mar 26, 2020 · In the early 1800s, there was an increased awareness about the effects of alcohol, and as a result, abstinence was a big issue. By time the 1840s rolled around, the temperance movement had created a ban on some alcoholic drinks. While Ulysses S. Grant might have argued that the Civil War was God’s punishment for the Mexican-American War, a “wicked war" that was rooted in imperialism and the expansion of slavery, many Americans supported the Mexican-American War as they viewed it as the fulfillment of Manifest Destiny: the promise that the United States would extend from “sea to shining sea.”

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